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Arizona Sunshine

A white knuckle survival game set in our own Southwest Deserts. Scavenge for ammo, pick up new weapons, and survive alone or with a friend. Will you make it to Sunshine?

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Raw Data

Battle hordes of killer robots alone or with a friend. An evil AI has taken control of a robotics company’s deadly assets, and it’s up to you to stop them. Choose from an arsenal of special abilities and weapons, including an electrifying katana, and a supercharged shotgun.

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Grab a weapon and as many friends as you can find. This ultra-realistic battle simulator will have you ducking for cover and aiming down your sights as you battle with or against friends. Each weapon is realistically accurate, and responds as such. It might take awhile to get used to, but once you do, you’ll forget you’re not on a real battlefield.



Ever wanted to train to be a Jedi? Yeah, us too. Deflect lasers and fight the Sith to your heart’s content.


Space Pirate Trainer

Feel like Starlord as you blast waves of flying bots in space in this epic game. Whether you want to slice enemies, deflect their lasers back at them with a shield, or just blast them with an arsenal of guns, you’ll be able to do it all in SPT. The epic space music and incredible visuals don’t hurt either…



Test your archery skills alone or with friends in this magical multiplayer game.

Defend your fortress wall against waves of unique enemies charging towards your gate.

Don’t forget to use magic spells too!


warning, graphic If you don’t mind a little cartoon blood and gore, this gladiatorsimulator will have you banging your chest and bowing to the crowd. With unbelievably responsive physics, and a nearly endless list of objects to interact with, your imagination is the limit. Bash, slice, punch, and throw your way through waves of bulked up cartoon warriors.


Very family friendly, this game is the perfect place for you and all your friends. Play lasertag, paintball, go on quests, or just change your outfit and hair. Do it all with your friends, in Rec Room.